1. What is 'Illegal Memes'?

Illegal Memes in its entirety, the collections, the website and any assosciated products is a digital art project. Illegal Memes primarily offers customizable profile pictures (PFPs), generative art collections and 1/1 art. It began as a satirical response to claims about the legality of certain memes and has evolved into a platform for creating and minting unique digital artworks as ERC NFTs and BTC Ordinals.

2. How does the customizable PFP creator work?

The Illegal Memes builder allows users to design their own pfp/avatar/art by selecting from various attributes. Once the design is complete, users can download their creation for free, in certain cases mint it as an ERC721 token or inscribe it as a BTC Ordinal.

3. What are 'IllegalPFPs'?

IllegalPFPs are the first collection under the Illegal Memes project, allowing users to create and download for free or mint their own customized PEPE PFPs as NFTs.

4. What does the term 'Counterfeits' refer to in your project?

In the context of Illegal Memes, 'Counterfeits' refers to our collections that are derivatives of or loosely based on existing NFT art.

5. Is owning an IllegalPFP ERC721 a financial investment?

No, owning an IllegalPFP ERC721 is not a financial investment. There is no guarantee of a future positive return and I/We/IllegalMemes makes no commitments to add any financial value directly/indirectly to any collection published under the banner of IllegalMemes. Owning an IllegalPFP is about being part of a creative and digital community. IllegalPFPs gives you the front seat to future IllegalMemes projects if there are any.

6. Can you explain the referral system used during minting?

During the minting phase of IllegalPFPs, Illegal Memes introduced a referral system that rewarded users with a share of each transaction for referring new users, fostering community growth and engagement. The referral fees were paid in real time for each transaction. All users were invited to send referrals by simply adding their wallet address to the mint page URL.

7. How has the Illegal Memes Builder been upgraded?

The Illegal Memes Builder has been revamped to support the expansion of Illegal Memes project. The upgrade enhances user interface, user experience, reduces time from ideation to execution by providing a templating system for future customizable collections and better enables the creation of community collections, where artists can contribute attributes for mintable collections and receive compensation.

8. How can artists contribute to the community collections?

Artists can contribute by designing unique attributes for mintable collections. When these attributes are used by others to mint a token, the contributing artists earn fees in real time, fostering a collaborative and supportive community.

9. Are there legal concerns with creating and owning these NFTs?

Despite the name, 'Illegal Memes,' this project operates entirely within legal frameworks. The project is a satirical take on digital expression, IP ownership in the scope of NFTs and does not engage in actual illegal activities.

10. How can I get involved with Illegal Memes?

You can get involved by purchasing an IllegalPFP, using our PFP builder to design and mint your own PFPs, participating in our community collections, or simply by being part of our community through various engagement activities.

11. Who is the creator of IllegalMemes?

Illegal Memes is a project by @0xAvocato. Unless otherwise stated, the project and all related art is by Avocato.

12. Who is SkullCat?

SkullCat is a Designer, Developer and Digital Artist, professionally building web projects since 2010 and NFT artwork since July 2021.