IllegalPFPs is the genesis collection of the Illegal Memes project, marking the first-ever collection that allowed users to design their PFPs and mint them as ERC721 tokens in real time. It represents an experiment at the intersection of digital art and blockchain technology. The collection initially started without arbitrary maximum limits or predetermined rarities. However, after reaching 2000 ERC721 tokens and over 12000 free generations, the minting option was removed. Now, users can still build their PFPs using the Illegal Memes builder and download them for free. However, if the chosen combination has already been minted, the generation will fail.

IllegalPFPs offers a wide range of customizable features divided into categories like Background, Eyes, Mouth, Body, and Head. Each category is filled with various options, allowing users to mix, match, and experiment, thereby creating PFPs that are not just visually appealing but also reflective of their personalities, moods, and sense of humor.

Being the genesis collection, IllegalPFPs collectors will enjoy the most benefits of future Illegal Meme works. Whether those include free minting options, earlier access, allow-lists or other unique minting dynamics.